• Welcome to Nothingness Restaurant

Nothingness Restaurant is a restaurant dedicated to cooking authentic Szechuan and Chong Qing dishes, although it is a newly opened restaurant, but our chef's craft has always maintained a good reputation, and also by a lot of food lovers of all ages, he always to use his enrich the cooking experience and craftsmen spirit, focus on each dish of cooking and production! Their signature dishes Spicy series: Sautéed Crab with Hot Pepper, Sautéed Lamb with Hot Pepper, Chicken with Hot Pepper, made of Nothingness special spicy oil stir fry. Spicy oil is a special recipe for our chefs, the dish that is cooked with this spicy oil is very delicious. Lazybones Hot Pot, LuHe Fish is also very unique taste very popular. Now also launched a Thunderbolt Frog, Crawfish in Special Chili Sauce, Duck Stuffed with “Eight-Treasures” , Glutinous Rice Chicken, Steamed Whole Fish and other new dishes. Nothingness Restaurant’s dishes to talk about the color and the flavor-shaped, the use of authentic Szechuan cuisine characteristics, which means “a hundreds of dishes have a hundreds of taste, taste varied”. Cooked out of each dish, has its unique taste, like every different person , Have their own unique temperament!

Many people ask us why the name of the store is "Nothingness"? In fact, "nothingness" is in Chongqing people's ideology in the prevalence of the spirit: a generous, open-minded and magnanimous. It means pursuit of a heart without grudge, no resentment, no depressed, no internal injuries calm mood. Is not a talk about the past, but the courage to face the future of the road attitude of life!

Sincerely hope that our enthusiasm to pass to new friends, and our old friends: "The best meeting in the world is reuniting after a long separation!" Really happy to see you again!

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